The creations around marriage
are the specialty of Perry Ah Why

Wedding dresses, tops, skirts, wedding coats are made from raw silk , silk Mikado , crepe , organza , taffeta or ottoman. They worked with crystal-based embroidery, lace, silk flowers or fur.

Fabrics: Organza crepe and Chantilly crepe, lace skirt and top

Style: Caraco

Fabrics: Silk Mousseline and Silk Satin

Style: Low waist, 30's

Fabrics: Mousseline and Chantilly lace

Style: Empire

Fabrics: Embossed Mousseline

Style: Low waist, strapless dress

Fabrics: Silk Mousseline and pleated strapless dress

Style: Empire

Fabrics: Organza and silk doupion

Style: Strapless sun silk

Fabrics: Crepe and silk Organza

Style: Princess

Fabrics: Silk Mikado and plumetis tulle. Silk Gazar scrollwork

Style: Trapeze

Fabrics: Silk Gazar handpainted

Style: Playsuit, is embellished by a skirt, see next dress

Fabrics: Silk Gazar handpainted

Style: Playsuite and skirt

Fabrics: Cotton Guipure and taffeta

Style: Playsuit and overweening skirt

Fabrics: Plumetis tulle, Calais lace

Style: Babydoll

Fabrics: Feather Tulle

Style: Babydoll

Fabrics: Organza and crepe

Style: Skirt and top

Fabrics: Organza and crepe

Style: Skirt and strapless

Fabrics: Crepe mat side and Guipure

Style: Bohemian Chic

Fabrics: Silk Gazar

Style: Slotted

Fabrics: Silk Mikado, handpainted Organza coat

Style: Trapeze, back knot

Fabrics: Silk embroided Gazar with Organza's flowers.

Style: Trapeze

Fabrics: Silk chiffon handpainted

Style: Straight

Fabrics: Italian crepe

Style: Fluide

Fabrics: Calais lace and silk Mousseline

Style: Victorian